Since February 1988, over 2000 psychosexual evaluations have been performed in our treatment and assessment center where currently there are approximately 100 clients in treatment. Our services and programs include the following:

  • psychosexual evaluations and treatment for male and female children, adolescents, and adults who:
    • have been accused of, or who have been adjudicated for, illegal, inappropriate sexual behaviors, or;
    • are self-referred because they are engaged in non-criminal sexual behaviors that are adversely affecting their lives, or;
    • find themselves in situations where there are allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviors and they require an accurate assessment;
  • psychoeducational programs individually tailored for male and female adolescents and adults and their families who need to be taught structure and limits concerning non-criminal sexual behaviors;
  • support and education group and individual sessions for partners connected to sex offenders who need information and who are struggling to make decisions about their relationships and their families;
  • training seminars conducted semi-annually (recent topics have been lying and deception, "normal" sexual behaviors in children and adolescents, adolescent sex offender risk assessment, and "normal" sexual behaviors in adults);
  • training workshops and presentations conducted on-site and tailored for the requesting agency on any topic relating to normal, deviant, or atypical sexual behaviors;
  • court-ordered assessments and subsequent testimony relating to deviant or atypical sexual behaviors;
  • consultation with mental health professionals, child protection service personnel, law enforcement and judicial officials, attorneys, school counselors, ministers, et al relating to normal and deviant sexual behaviors;
  • forensic psychological assessments for application in both criminal and civil settings for general diagnostic, insanity, pre-sentencing, pre-release, competency, dangerousness, fitness for duty, civil commitment, damage, and disability evaluations.

Psychosexual evaluations and treatment services also offered in Spanish.


Rex D. Tuten, MS, LPC

Director, Forensic Services
Kevin Baldwin, Ph.D.

Clinical Staff
Candice Osborn, MA, LPC
Guneeta Singh, MA, LCSW
DaLin Broadwater, MS, LPC, NCC
Suzanne Goodwin, MS, LPC
April M. Oliver, MA, LCSW
Bethany C. Merrett, MS, APC, NCC
Mary Railey Bartlett, MS, APC, NCC
Erin Bickley, MS, NCC
Christian Carmona-Carlo, MS, NCC

Director of Operations
David B. Souza